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Managing Made Easy - The Huntsville Times 6-17-97
All-around sports - The Huntsville Times 8-28-97
The Right Pitch--------
Ethics Online-Rousseau's recognized for being pioneer in the Better Business Bureau's Online program - Huntsville Times 7-29-97
Corporate sponsorship plays ball with youth- Huntsville Times 4-19-98
Advertising benefits for Quik-Tek Corporate Sponsors/Special Edition Partners - Chart showing advertising possibilities.

Steve Rousseau, addressing the Sporting Goods Agents Association at the 2000 Super Show in Atlanta

Huntsvillian to speak at national trade show

Steve Rousseau,
Owner and President

Ahead of the game-Rousseau puts store, sales representatives, and an entire directory for the Sporting Goods Industry Online- Huntsville Times 12-2-97
Computers Could Bring Team Dealers More Revenue- The Sporting Goods Dealer Summer 1998
UAH, University of Alabama in Huntsville, (One of Quik-Tek's technology partners) wins $350,000 grant to join next-version Internet - Huntsville Times 2-26-98
UAH connects with ITC Deltacom - (Data transmission on next version of the Internet will range from 100-1000 times faster than the standard internet.)
Rousseau's Sporting Goods adds software division - Madison County Record 3-28-96
Business Notes: Rousseau's adds software/technology division Huntsville Times 4-8-96
Business Notes: Rousseau's prepares for second expansion in three years - Huntsville Times 2-21-95
Rousseau's buys online real audio/radio shows - The launch of The Huntsville Athlete -The Huntsville Times 8-28-97
Rousseau's launches real audio/radio shows- one for local business and finance, one for sports.-Huntsville Times 2-5-97
Information for Quik-Tek Special edition partners, sales reps and the internet, catalogs on the internet.