The CCP Main page has a bunch of buttons down the right side of the page under the "happy car" picture. On the left side of the page, at the top is where CCP will always show you which car is currently selected. Below that will be a button for each car in your database. If this is the first time you've run CCP, there won't be any cars in the database and guess what, there won't be any buttons either. However, there will be an "Add  Car" button. Below that will be a "Delete Car" button. These buttons magically disappear if there is no use for them (no cars in database = none to Delete = No button on screen). Below those buttons in the bottom left of the Page is a picture of Clyde the CarCare man. If you want Help, use the left mouse button to click on him and he will help you.

In the center of the CCP Main page will be the Function area. Look at  the buttons on the right side of the page. When you click on the top button (Basic Car Info), then that function will be selected (see the arrow pointing at the button ) and the center area will be displaying the "Basic Car Information". Clicking the next button down (Gas Log) selects the Gasoline Logging function ( see the arrow move) and at the center of the page will be showing you the last several gas fill-ups and the miles associated with those fill-ups. It will also allow you to enter more gas fill-ups. If you had more than one car entered into the database, then there will be a button on the left side of the page for each of those cars (or motorcycle or whatever) and the arrow on the left side will be pointing at the currently selected car. You can swap back and forth between cars and functions in any way you wish.

What information does CCP track…..
In the License Function, CCP keeps track of the license tag for each car separately and will remind you when the tag will be expiring within the next month. CCP will also track the Drivers License Information for one person (The primary driver of the car) per car. When that person’s license is going to expire within a month, CCP tells you about that, also. CCP also keeps the cost of the tag for inclusion in the expense reporting function.  In the Insurance Function, CCP keeps track of your automobile insurance policy information (company, agent, phone number, policy number, etc. ) And will let you know when that policy is about to expire within the next month. CCP keeps track of the cost of the insurance policy also.

In  the Maintenance Function, CCP has 6 separate categories of Maintenance data that it will keep track of. CCP will track your Oil and Oil Filter changing dates and expenses, your
Tire Rotate and Balance dates and expenses, your Front End Alignment dates and expenses, your Tires replacement dates and expenses, your Battery replacement dates and expenses, and any Other Services that are done with dates and expenses. As you enter each of these items, you are asked to select a time until the maintenance is due to be done again. CCP assumes the traditional 1,000 miles of driving a month, so if you like to change your oil every 3,000 miles, you’d tell CCP to remind you in 3 months that it’s time to get your oil changed again.

What if I goof up and enter something wrong?
No problem, CCP allows you complete access to your database and allows you to change any information you’ve entered. Of course, you have to answer the "do you really want to change this data?" question before CCP will allow you to make the changes, but you do have that capability.

Now that you know all about the CarCare™ program and what it can do for you, isn’t it time to make your car happy? Contact us at Quik-Tek Software today and we will tell you how to get this great little program. Your car will love you for it!


CCP does this for up to 5 vehicles at a time!
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