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A Stroll down memory lane can bring you wonderful memories of years past, So-

Quik-Tek Software Presents

Personal Stats Diary



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          The Year………….2020
President Bille Gates Just finished swearing in Andye Grove as a Supreme Court Justice.
American Bandstands' Dick Clarke, still doesn’t have any gray hair-
Every home in America has a P.C... and Web T.V.
And, I just found something that helped me remember what my batting average was back in 1999, along with my teammates & best friends Mark McQuires & Sam Sosaa------


 The“Personal Stats Diary”
From Quik-Tek Software

With this software, I can easily view all my statistics (pitching, hitting, fielding) ,
remember all my team mates, coaches, teams, games, and complete seasons!
Plus, even thought I am a  baseball nut, this software tricked me into learning how to type better,
and do many computer functions (including e-mail) that actually helped me get ahead in school!
Man, those guys at Quik-Tek Sure are Smart!!

The  diary part of this program even let me keep my own private notes on my first girlfriend Cindy and the Day I kissed that beautiful creature, and the Day after we played the Pirates in 2001
(Yea, no problems with this program working past the year 2000 its YK2 compliant).
I just read a diary entry from 2002 about when I got in trouble with my Dad for Leaving my  baseball glove out side in the yard. That only cost $150.00!!!! Today’s price is $750.

Speaking of cost, man that was an incredible bargain way back then in 1999, buying that software for only $29.95.  In the 10 years I used that program, playing 20 games a year, I got a great software program for only $ .15 per game, not to mention all the things about using a computer I learned while using the program. 
I have got to tell our coach, to get Quik-Teks Team Manager so that he can track the whole teams stats, etc.
The stats from my Personal Stats Program were also published on the Internet at, which is a part of the family  along with, and  An online manual can even be found at There are also links to the Team Reporter and the Personal Stats Diary sites for the Sporting Goods Industry Online Directories.

The" Personal Stats Diary" for baseball and softball. A statistics program that lets the individual player track his personal stats, team records, teammates, and other data during his playing career. Just think, in the year 2010, wouldn’t it be great to look back over your playing career, analyzing your lifetime stats, remembering all your old coaches and teammates, scores, ect. Developed For Windows 95/98/NT, it is a true 32 bit software program.
Other features built into the "Diary"
1. Keep Track of  and calculate Personal Game and Season Stats.
2. Develop personal multi season game schedules.
3. Compare your multi season stats
4. Store and print teammate rosters with email box included for each, for multiple seasons.
5. Keep track of your positions, player number, coaches,  and team names, for multiple seasons.
6. Create and print a diary account of games, seasons, etc.- all linked on a per season basis. Imagine, you have now become your own electronic journalist and commentator.
7. Word processor, built inside a viewable diary on screen, for comments, notes, etc. to go along with everything else as you progress in your playing career. (For use after single games and for your entire career!)
In addition, you get:
1. A Built in demo copy of  The Team Manager 
2. Compatible with  windows 98/95/2000/Me/NT/XP (New) 
3. The ability to upload your personal profile to (Personal Profile hosting fee may apply) 
4. Dealers, get your full color printable POP (Point of Purchase) flyer in PDF here--

5. New for version 2..5 auto load back on the CD, making installations a snap.

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The Personal Stats Diary, was once also known at "My Playing Career Diary".  
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