Team & General Lettering Prices
Last Updated: 02/23/04
 Team Uniform & General Lettering Prices and Policies
For a one color, one location screen print. Go to our general screen printing price catalog for more print prices and options. 
A team order is considered to be 8 pieces or more.  (for above 24 pieces, email us for quotes.)
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  1. Screen/Set - Up charge --There is a screen charge of $15.00.  Screen charge for nylon and vinyl inks is $35.00 per color per logo. (Umbrella's, bags, Jackets, etc.)
  2. Art/Graphics Charges - There is usually a per screen art charge of $6.00 and up. This covers basic lettering, script ball team names, with/without fishtails. (Thus, new screen and art combined = $21.00) Art includes our reprocessing to usable velum. ) 
  3. The cost of each imprint on team shirts is $1.75 each. (based on minimum of 12 prints or $21.00. )The exception is for basketball uniforms, which are based on minimum printing of 6 pieces on original order.)
  4. Appliqué heat seal process: Our new state of the art plotter cutter is also used to make vinyl team names for jerseys, is guaranteed for 5 years regular use, is regular team priced at $6.00 each imprint,($4.00 per application to sleeves and ball caps.) but may be substituted for direct screen printing, with no extra cost, from time to time. Set up cost for appliqué process is $15.00
  5. "Overprinting", a process of printing a garment, flash curing the garment, then printing over the first print for super good opacity, more than rivaling embroidery according to many, is $.90 more per print.
  6. Cost for numbers  is:  
  7. $2.25 for 8 inch numbers per side, one or two digit
  8. $1.75 for 6 inch numbers per side, one or two digit (Standard for backs)
  9. $1.50 for    4 inch numbers per side, one or two digit (Standard for fronts)
  10. $1.00  for  2 inch numbers or letters  
  11. $.50  for Flock baseball script letters applied to hats. (one or two digit per side of shirt- (for outlined "Two Color" numbers price is double ex. White background with Red number in the center.)
  12. Names on jerseys- Our new plotter cutting process allows for names of players, regardless of letters to all be applied to jerseys for only $4.00 each or $.50 per letter whichever is more. Our old system is still available using single letters made of heavy vina mesh material is:  $.50 per letter or $4.00 per name, whichever is more. Letters for player names are plain block, all caps.
  13. Embroidery/Monogramming - Name to back of hat=$3.50 , Team name on front of hat is $4.00. One letter on front of hat / one or two colors, is $4.50
  14. Appliqué logo or team name to front of hat is $3.50
  15. Shipping & handling- Special orders into our Huntsville location, generally run $12.00 and up, except  for the TW Series, that cost is $14.00 (3 day shipping in to Huntsville guaranteed!) However, most of our vendors will ship garments in next day air when requested, cost is passed on to the customer.
  16. Shipping - Outgoing, $12.00 + on single team sets of uniforms for continental USA shipping.
  17. Our heat seal Numbers are all mostly of a vina mesh material, are heat sealed on, and are full block .
  18. Screen printed numbering is available to institutional customers and others for additional cost. Six and eight inch one color screen printed numbers, $4.90 per side, with a minimum charge for 10 sides. (email us for other quotes )
  19. Ink color change during a screen job. $8.00 per logo/per ink color- per order. This comes into play when the same logo is printed on a single set of jerseys, like reversible mesh, and printed in different colors on the two different sides, or different colors on two different sets of uniforms.
  20. For two color numbers and logos, cost is double . (Including Screen/art charges.)
  21. We guarantee our lettering for 5 years. 
  22. Nylon, Vinyl, Metal, Banners, Flags, Magnetic Signs, and other substances - Extra print and screen charges may apply for non standard apparel  printing. Special order ink or component charges may also apply. Email us for quotes, 
  23. Minimum for Internet orders/shipments is $50.00. Service charge of from $5,$10, or more may apply for less than minimum. 
  24. Local area teams, are expected to pay a minimum of 50 % down payment on team, special order, or imprinted orders. Internet, out of town customers must pay 100 % at time of order. Select government and corporate clients with open accounts are excluded from this policy.
  25. Lettering on special materials: Printing or heat seal lettering on "Dazzle" material is $1.00 more per side that is lettered.
  26. We also make in house team and sponsor banners, and car magnets.  Ask for pricing.
Brands we carry include but are not limited to, Wilson , Rawlings, Fabknit/Reebok, Teamworks, Bike, Majestic, Jesco, New South, Don Alleson, New Era, Eagle Sportswear, Hartwell, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, "Best", Jerzees by Russell, Union Jacks, Betlin, Bristol, Twin City, Hole in None, M.J. Soffe, Foremost Distributing, Markwort, Cliff Keen, Eagle Sportswear, etc. Diamond, 
Some of these brands include MLB- Major League Baseball Replica Uniforms and hats and NBA, National Basketball Association Jerseys and Pants.
E-mail us for details.

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