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Here you will find Information About:
Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc., Quik-Tek Software & Internet Services, SportsSales.com, and more. All of the domains and web sites below function as divisions of Rousseau's, and are wholly owned thereof.
www.Rousseaus.com  www.QuikTek.com www.SportsSales.com
www. TeamReporter.com www.WholesaleAwards.com www.BracRedstone.com 
www. DigitalDuplicators.com www. AwardsIndustry.com  www. SportsIndustryOnline.com
www. AwardsDealers.com  www. SportsDealers.com www. TrophyIndustry.com
www. TeamSportsSales.com www. TeamUniformSales.com www. RateShop.com
www.R-Sports.com  The Virtual Trade Shows www.TheVirtualShows.com  
www.VirtualShowsOnline.com(Inactive)  www.NationalDealers.net www.DiscountTrophies.biz 
www.ValleyHomes.Biz www.ValleyProperties.Biz coming soon Sports Industry Online
The Sporting Goods Webzine- www.BracHuntsville.com  www.Brac2006.com 
BRAC2007.com, 2008,2009,2010, & Brac2011.com (all inactive at this time.)    

SportsSales, Inc. is in not owned by Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc.  but has contractual relationships with Rousseau's thereof. The same holds true for NDA, The National Dealers Association.  

Sports Weekly and Sports Weekly Plus, are produced by Rousseau Productions, div of Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc.

The Real Estate Factor radio/talk show if a component of Rousseau's. www.TheRealEstateFactor.net 

For comments or additional information email webmaster@r-sports.com

Rousseau's Awards, Now Shipping as far away as Beautiful Hawaii and almost any other country or place on the planet!
Rousseau's Sporting Goods
Rousseau's Sporting Goods and Awards, Inc.  became a chapter "C" corporation in Alabama on January 1, 1989. The management and equity status did not substantially change.
Robert S. "Steve" Rousseau (click here to see Steve's speaking engagements schedule relating to the Internet and e-commerce) is the president.. The company, formerly known as Olympian Sports Center, started doing business in July of 1980. The company is rated by Dun & Bradstreet and has been a member of the Huntsville / Madison County Chamber of Commerce. Rousseau's has also been members of the ASI, Advertising Specialties Institute, and PPAI, Promotional products association.
References in all product categories of business (listed below) can be provided upon request.
Product categories :
We sell Athletic uniforms, jackets, staff shirts, polo shirts, athletic equipment, trophies, plaques, buttons, ribbons, and advertising specialty items. We also do custom lettering, screen printing, monogramming, embroidery, signs & banners, rubber stamps, engraving, and sublimation printing. New products include acrylic, piano finish,  & glass awards and customized and regular sports Software. Trophies are manufactured in Huntsville. All engraving (Laser, computer driven, and manual) and screen printing are also done at our Huntsville facility.
SportsSales, Inc. was an Alabama LLC corporation. Robert S. "Steve" Rousseau was President.

R-sports.com is also completely owned by and operates as a division of Rousseau's Sporting Goods and Awards, Inc.  It is a sports site that publishes local, regional, and statewide sports data, including scores, standings, and recruiting information on prep sports and athletics. R-Sports.com is a virtual domain and provides sports and recreation information on college and pro sports, in addition to youth and adult league sports. R-Sports accumulated over 1.8 million "hits" during 1997-98. It has since grown and gets well over 2 million hits per year.
Quik-Tek Software, Quik-Tek Sports Products, and Quik-Tek Internet Services are completely owned by and operate as divisions of Rousseau's Sporting Goods and Awards, Inc.

Quik-Tek Software produces software for team management, participants, and the fans of sports. Some products are available for both retail and wholesale as of the spring of 1997. Quik-Tek also produces non-sports software such as CarCare Program.

Quik-Tek Internet Services edits, develops, houses, and manages these web sites at r-sports and Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc. It also develops internet marketing programs for this and other sites, provides consulting on internet related matters, and maintains, creates, and houses web sites for others. (Including virtual domains, Ex.  www.Yourname.com) 

Quiktek.com is also a part of Quik Tek Software and Internet Services.  Quik Tek also does service bureau work including CDR duplication, CD Creation, software packaging services, shrink wrapping, jewel case inserts, labeling, etc. 

SportsSales.com- Houses dealer and rep  web pages, and has links to dealers',  distributors', 
 manufacturers' and reps' web pages both on and off site.  It also houses sports webzines including  the Sporting Goods Industry Online.  The Mission of SportsSales is to help distributors, dealers, and sales representatives buy and sell products. It is structured as a division of Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc. SportsSales.com features direct links to dealer sites doing e-commerce. SportsSales will soon have its own dealer, rep, manufacturer private access web sites  and private chat rooms. This will be a subscription service. E-mail NDA@SportsSales.com  for details.

TeamReporter.com- Houses stats, news, links and other information relating to amateur sports, in particular high school, college, and youth league baseball and softball. In July of 1999, a major intelligent agent being installed will allow qualified users to instantly upload complete accounts of stats, games, commentary, and other content real-time. It is structured as a division of Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc. Look for a new massive data outreach exchange in 2003.

WholesaleAwards.com-  Manufactures and sells awards, trophies, plaques, desk sets, badges, etc. to dealers that sell said products to the general public. Sporting Goods & Awards Industry dealers welcome. This site will also serve as a launch pad for the awards industry's first online buying group functions. Modified auctions and  virtual mini trade shows are planned. There will be a subscription only private "Show Room" and private chat room and web cast. It is structured as a division of Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc. It has links to member e-commerce sites. 
The Awards Industry Online is a directory of dealers, distributors, and manufacturers for the awards industry.
The Sporting Goods Industry Online is a directory of dealers, distributors, sales reps, and manufacturers for the sporting goods industry.
The Sporting Goods Industries Online Webzine is also a publication of  SportsIndustryOnline.com, div. or Rousseau's.

This site will feature direct links to online E-commerce awards dealers, a directory of industry publications, and organizations. There will be an onsite webzine, a subscription private web pages and private chat room for dealers, distributors, manufacturers, plus much more. Links to member dealer e-commerce sites. Division of Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc.

www.SportsDirectories.com - A series of directories including sports/awards dealers, manufacturers, distributors, sales reps, and other related agents and vendors, links to almost all sports directories, news , commentary, cross listing of directories by topic/sports/age/sex/other variables/ -hyperlinks to "great link sites" and a rating system for our staff's top 10 link picks in several categories. (Plans are to update these Top 10's weekly!) Links to dealer e-commerce sites. Division of Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc.

www.SportsIndustryOnline.com  - Directories, links, news, information, commentary. Links for sports industry e-commerce sites . Subscription service to private web pages for virtual mini shows, and private chat rooms. Video /Audio web casting, for members and subscription services thereof.  Links to member e-commerce sites. Division of Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc.

www.AwardsDealers.com  -  Links for industry e-commerce, intranet services, data mining services. Special dealers private show, tell and planning web sites.  Subscription chat room. Links to member dealers e-commerce sites. Division of Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc.

www.SportsDealers.com  - Links to dealer e-commerce directory and sites. Directories to include sports dealers, linked by category, and then indexed by products carried, services provided, and specific lines sold. (Co-op advertising from dealers and manufacturers will be marketed in this directory.)  Special Dealers forum area provided for the exchange of information.  Dealer chat room. Canned and Real-Time, real audio web cast talk show with input from dealers and other interested parties wishing to provide information, content, and commentary. Some subscription information compiled from consulting expertise, data mining robots, data base engines, and participant input. Subscription participation (qualified dealers only) in Online Buying Group. 
Online auction buyouts exclusively between dealers and manufacturers. The end result of an online auction can bring about what we call real-time flex pricing, something we see becoming a more frequent occurrence in the future.
Subscription participation by qualified dealers will provide access to an E-Commerce Inventory "Dump" site. This will be a private onsite subscription  service with private chat rooms.  Division of Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc.

www.TrophyIndustry.com  - Similar to www.AwardsIndustry.com , this site will have many links and shared functions.  Dealer, supplier participation in the site webzine will be encouraged. Links to member dealer e-commerce directory. Division of Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc.

www.TeamUniformSales.com - This domain will have directories for dealers, team uniform suppliers, lettering companies, news content, commentary, and information.  Online e-commerce will be found here for consumers wanting to buy Team Uniforms and for dealers wanting to buy from manufacturers and wholesalers. A related sites rating system, to help in consumer research. Links to member dealer e-commerce directory. Division of Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc.

This site will feature a webzine for team sports players, dealers, reps, and manufacturers. 
Private web information services and private chat room will be available on a subscription basis. News from participating industry buying groups will be posted. Direct links to E-commerce dealers will be posted very prominently.  Links to member dealer e-commerce directory.  Division of Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc

Rousseau Productions - Is a multimedia, Internet services division or Rousseau's. It produces media, audio, visual, the encoding of media, live and canned broadcast , of radio, television, web cast, and more. One feature is custom chat rooms and hosting thereof, with a capacity of up to 500 continuous chats going on at one time. Division of Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc.
www.DigitalDuplicators.com  - DVD/CD-R Duplication Services, Software service Bureau work. Give us your data/media from anywhere in the country and receive same day/next day service, shipping and delivery anywhere in the country.  Capacity is up to 5000 CD's or 1000 DVD's in a single day and growing!  

www.TheVirtualShows.com is a virtual domain and functions as a division of Rousseau's Sporting Goods and Awards, Inc.

Its function is to manage, maintain, and create virtual trade shows over the internet, using a full range of support technologies. TheVirtualShows.com will also interlink and consult with established industry buying groups and support, and manage buying groups in its sphere of interests.

www.TheUltimateShow.com was a trade show related domain. It promoted land based and virtual trade shows that relate to NDA. It will reemerge soon in a different format, primarily for servicing resellers of sports, awards, sign, and imprinted or engraved products in buying group services.
Sports Weekly Online - Web cast show, broadcast over the Internet.  The National Version, will be a subscription service for members of the NDA. It can be found at www.SportsSales.com 
The PDF link below shows how our domains become -
 Internet "portal sites" and hubs and illustrate  how they promote  e-commerce for member dealers .
 Click here to view a PDF(http://www.r-sports.com/sports/DomainCluster.pdf) file of our Domain Cluster and how it could relate to a sports/awards dealer or sales representative, distributor or manufacturer. Click here for first generation version of the dealer/rep E-Commerce web page structure geared toward dealers.
The Online Virtual Sports/Awards Trade Show is partially sponsored by Quik-Tek Software and SportsSales.com
The Online Virtual Sports/Awards Buying Group and Private Dealer/Buyer chat sessions is partially sponsored by Quik-Tek Software and SportsSales.com
The HSF (Health, Sports, & Fitness) Webzine is a joint endeavor between Rousseau's and Sharp Enterprises. It is a fitness and health online service.
The HSV Directory, is a directory of web pages and links for area professionals, businesses, and various products and services.
The Sportsplex sites and The Rousseau's Sports Online  Show, (another WTKI worldwide RealAudio show), are also productions of Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc
Web Cast Shows
. Alabama Sports Online, a web cast, is also a production of Rousseau's. Other webcast including e-commerce seminars or parts thereof, can be accessed here:   http://www.r-sports.com/webcast.html
www.Rousseaus.com hosts the store pages for Rousseau's Sporting Goods and Awards, Inc. general links related to the "Rousseau" name, and other information.
B2BChats - A business to business web site. By design it will host private chat rooms for use by businesses. In the sports and awards industries, buying groups, sales reps, manufacturers, and some dealer to customer custom chat rooms will be on site. General reasons for B2B chat include:

1. customer support questions that let users help provide answers
2. new employee education methods
3. employee interaction and conferencing anywhere in the world
4. an online global conferencing system to which you can archive the text
from the chat and use it for sales and valuable consumer information
5. a way to boost or promote a website without high spending on
    advertisements like banner ads
6. human to human interaction
7. a way to provide entertainment to employees and to the public
8. easy to use, no programs to download
9. can be used for intranets and office purposes
10. fun

The "Big Show"  Scoreboard Show is a production of Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc.

The Team Manager Preview Website is maintained by The Intelligent Systems Laboratory at
The University of Alabama in Huntsville.
Click here for news releases, news articles, and other media relating to us.
The Virtual Trade Show A dealer/retailers based online trade/buying show, namely geared towards sports/awards industry brick and mortar entities. Special emphasis given to lines represented by professional industry representatives.

Snail Mail and shipping address for our above entities:
Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc.
4415 Evangel Circle
Huntsville, Alabama  35816
Phone: 256- 837-2762  Fax: 256- 837-2435   
 Email  webmaster@r-sports.com..Att.  (State site/topic of interest, and specific url (web page address) you have an interest in.)
Web Site address     www.Rousseaus.com 

Copyright 1997-2007 Rousseau's Sporting Goods And Awards, Inc.

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