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Welcome to the "Store" web site of Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc.
There area are many purposes for these web pages.

        One intent of course is to sell products and services globally via the internet.  This is currently being done. We are doing more of it and doing it better every week! We make sales to customers as far away as Asia and Europe. A second goal is to sell more products in our "local" geographic area, namely Huntsville and greater North Alabama. We are accomplishing this and local  use is currently growing at an astounding rate.  The third and most important purpose is more general in nature. It is simply to help us fit into the emerging digital economy. We simply believe the traditional brick and mortar store-front for today's and tomorrow's sports and awards store is clearly not enough from a customer service standpoint. We believe our first obligation is customer service, including product and service information, production, post transaction evaluation, and future marketing adjustments. These initiatives are based on listening carefully to customer feedback.

        To put it more simply, it is about convenience. It is about creating a secure environment where the customer, can shop in our  virtual store, at their leisure, without the pressure of a "sales pitch" or having to wait in any line. We believe in order to be a viable company in the future, we must offer this online selection and be willing to add and delete  products at our customers desire and not merely at a manufactures prompting. We are heading into a new economic system where you the customer at long last is truly king.

        The next thing we are focusing on with these web pages is choice. We sincerely want to be one of your online choices. Right now you do not have many online choices in some product service areas . We believe many new choices will be added to the internet everyday, in fact  through our software division, QuikTek.com, we actually  help other retailer/dealers to provide you with that additional choice.

        Price is a important factor. Eventually we anticipate and are preparing for new ways of pricing products and services in the new emerging digital economy. Flex Pricing will become a part of that economy. It may not occur in "real-time" in the sports and awards industry for a while, but one thing that is  increasingly evident is that the entire world is learning how to "bid" for their price via auctions like eBay.com and hundreds of other auction sites. We are currently developing new products to fit into this dynamic new economic tool. We are also openly encouraging our suppliers to get tuned in with this new concept also, so they can better help us to serve you.

        Privacy is an emerging  key word on the internet. Rest assured, we at Rousseau's, totally and completely believe in and will always protect the privacy of our customers and suppliers., We have always adhered to this principal since we started our business July of 1980.  From order sheets, to email messages, to our Customer Inquiry Form, our policy is that we do not sell any customer data to any outside source. Even price quotes are kept confidential. In our Customer Inquiry Form, you are at liberty to fill our only the blanks you wish. However, please understand, that by filling out the form more completely, you can help us to better serve you. This includes  sending you updates on new products and services we offer and that you tell us that are interested in.

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