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We manufacture trophies on site at our Huntsville location.
We have over 150 models to choose from. However, we will also custom build
to a customers specifications. The finest materials are used including wood, marble and the more modern plastics. Sizes range from 6 inches to 6 feet tall. Virtually every type figure is available for all sports, business, education, religion, et.
The usually bigger championship and tournament class of trophies are in ample supply just like the smaller participation trophies.
However, other ideas for participants of sports events include plaques and metals.
Special trophies for Sportsmanship, Most valuable awards, Most Improved, All-stars, etc. are also available.

Many times a team or group can request and get their team colors on the trophy column and/or name plate. Both male and female figures are also available.
 We also make Academic, musical and religious trophies.
Actual pictures of ready to order models will soon be on this or another link of this home page. You will in fact be able to fill out an information form and give us your order via the internet. Two lines of engraving are included in the price of all group trophy orders.
Example :
             JOHN SMITH 

Don't forget to check out Specials page on this site. Turn around time on small sets of trophies (8-50 pieces) generally ranges from 1-5 days.

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