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Weeks of 9/19/97 9/12/97 SEC Commentary '96 Bowl Games

Another week, another 100 beers (thanks Steve). Maybe this week I can get better at my picks. The upset bug has hit me hard (that and thinking that Northwestern is better than they really are!!). This week's games aren't quite as good as last weeks, but hey - it's still football!!!!!

On to the picks:

South Carolina
Miss. St.
Don't really know what to do on this one. After watching USC fold against Georgia earlier and barely get by C. Fla. I thought maybe they weren't near as good as they were made out to be. But then last week, A. Wright comes out with a good game against a good E. Carolina team. Maybe he has learned how to put a little touch on his passes. Mississippi St. is trying to come back and put together a good year behind that massive front line of theirs and since this game is at home they should probably play it close. With a little luck, a turnover or two, and Hazelwood's leg???

Prediction: S. Car 22 - MSU 20

Southern Miss
Mike DuBose is trying to put the pieces back together at the Capstone after last weeks devastating loss to Arkansas. The question now is, who is going to be the main #1 QB?? IMHO, if they just picked one and stuck with him, things would get a little better. Southern Miss is a good team. This is the same team that held Florida to 21 points in Gainesville. The questions for them are also on offense. If you like defensive struggles, you'll probably like this one!!

Prediction: Bama 13 - USM 10

La. Tech
Please. Can somebody at Arkansas schedule some decent OOC teams!!! This makes the second time this year that Arkansas has played in the UGOW (Ugly Game of the Week - can't call this one the La. Tech Homecoming Queen GOTW, because after all their in it!!!). Maybe the Hogs won't be looking past 'em this week.

Prediction: Ark 35 - La. Tech 17

This one's gonna be fun!!! Between Coach Superior's Fun-n-Gun and Mumme's Duck-n-Chuck (hey - it rhymed, didn't it??) these teams are going to be up and down the field all day. However, I don't see any way the Wildcat defense can stop the Gator's and Florida's D is one of the best I have seen this year.

Prediction: Florida 63 - Kent 42

Ole Miss
Yawn! I plan on sleeping late Saturday so I'll probably miss the first half of this one!! SO WHAT!!!!! Vandy's defense ain't bad, but Ole Miss just has too much for 'em.

Prediction: Ole Miss 21 - Vandy 17

Central Florida
Will Auburn have a let down after last week's emotional come-from-behind win at LSU?? Can Duante Culpepper have the kind of game that he had against South Carolina and Nebraska? Can Mighty Mouse rescue Nell?? (Oops - wrong column) Don't think the Tigers will have too much trouble in this one, but there could be some worried Plainsmen at halftime.

Prediction: Auburn 42 - C. Fla 21

Just what the doctor ordered. After letting Auburn come back late in the game last week in a hard fought 31-28 loss, LSU has the right prescription in the Akron Zips (and that's how many games they've won so far - ZIP). This is a team that has Zippy the kangaroo as a mascot. Hey mate, that's not a running back - this is a running back (Faulk - 165 yds, Mealey - 120 yds, Collins - 235 yds, Banks - 80 yds, etc. etc. etc. etc.)

Prediction: LSU 56 - Akron 10

North Carolina
This is probably the best match-up of the week. Still, the Tar Heels should be able to just about shut down the Cav's. The only question for UNC is at QB? Keldorf has been erratic to say the least, but Oscar Davenport has been able to come in and, in at least some eyes, take over the position. UVA is always going to be tough as long as George Welsh is running the show, but ...

Prediction: UNC 21 - UVA 18

Yep, looks like it could really be a long year in South Bend (sorry Dan). Don't really know if the talent level has dropped or what. Could be with the new coaching staff, new plays, etc., it's taking a while for the offense to figure out what they can do. No such problem in Ann Arbor. This is a good Michigan team. After a couple of down years (down at least as far as Michigan is concerned), this team looks like it could battle for the top spot in the Big-10 (er, 11 - whatever)

Prediction: Mich 31 - ND 7

Ohio St.
Does Missou still play football? Do visiting teams still get 5 downs to score (e.g., Colorado in '90)? Does The Ohio State University need 'em? No. Look for OSU to get up early and then let the Tigers make it look respectable with a couple of late Oh By the Way touchdowns.

Prediction: OSU 42 - Missou 28

If your Illinois, how sick are you?? (there's a joke in that one somewhere) Before the season started, Hayden Fry told reporters that given the chance, he would run up the score 'cause that's what got you votes in the polls. And that's what gets you better bowl games. And that's what gets you more money. Guess what. Here's his chance. Iowa could be the surprise team in the Big-10 (er, 11 - whatever) and Illinois sucks. Bad.

Prediction: Iowa 52 - Illini 3

This one could actually be a really good close game. But don't really count on it. Wyoming showed early in the season at OSU that they still have a good team, even after losing so many players (and the coach) after last year's 10-1 season. But they still aren't quite as good as this Colorado team.

Prediction: Col 28 - Wyoming 12

Ga. Tech
Don't have much to say about this one. Don't really want to, either.

Prediction: Clemson 15 - Ga. Tech 7

Th-th-th-th-th-that's all folks!!!!!!