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Well, I finally had a decent week last week. Went 11-2. Thought for a while there that I would have to hang up my pickin' hat. Got a better crop of games this week as things are beginning to shake out in the race for the top spots around the country. Maybe this week I'll get 'em all.

On to the picks::

What once would have been a showdown for a possible Nat'l Champ berth, has now become just another ho-hum game. Miami is still trying to get back to where they were back in the late 80's early 90's. FSU however, is still chuggin' along.

Prediction: FSU 35 - Miami 20

Could be the best game of the day. Tavian Banks from Iowa, the nation's leading rusher (albeit against some mighty weak teams) up against the mighty Buckeyes. I'm looking forward to watching this game to see if maybe Iowa can move up to the top of the Big-10 (er, 11-- whatever)

Prediction: Iowa 24 - OSU 21

E. Carolina
This game will go a long way to determining the fate of the season for each of these teams. You could say that it is a must win for both of them. That's why I like games like this. However, playing in the Carrier Dome (or is that the Ruud Dome--gotta watch that spittin' boys) gives the Omen the edge.

Prediction: Syr 35 - E. Carolina 21

UGOW (ugly game of the week). Rutgers is bad. Really bad. They probably couldn't even beat Illinois. The 'eers have got theyselves a decent team this year too!

Prediction: WVa 42 - Rutgers

Wake Forest
Yawn. Wake Forest? Naah, let him sleep. Actually, this could be a pretty good matchup. The Cavaliers are coming off a devastating loss at UNC where they actually had a 20-3 lead before giving up 45 unanswered points. I know they are looking at this game as one where they can get back on track, but the Deac's are have a decent year. If Welsh's boys aren't careful, this could be an upset.

Prediction: Virginia 21 - Wake 17

S. Carolina
I'm still not really sure what to think about the Gamecocks. Picked them last week and got nailed. One of these days they are going to play like I think they are capable of playing, but this ain't the week. D. Craig and the Plainsmen (almost sounds like an early 60's group, don't it) got waaaaaay to much for Brad Scott's troops to handle.

Prediction: Auburn 42 - S. Carolina 21

Runner-up UGOW. How good is Florida? Reeeeeaaaaaaal good. Maybe even better than last year. Scary. How bad is Arkansas? Almost lost last week to Louisiana Technical High School. How bad is Florida gonna beat up on 'em Saturday? Danny Ford's bunch is gonna be looking for the bus long about the end of the 1st quarter.

Prediction: Florida 63 - Noah's Ark 10

Ole Miss
Wonder what Archie's thinking about this one? Wouldn't it be neat if the Rebs would invite him to be the honorary captain this week? Might not be a bad idea. They need all the help they can get. Tommy Tuberville has made great strides with this club even though they are hit real hard with scholarship reductions. Basically, their first string can play with just about anybody, but depth is a real problem. Peyton is looking to have a huge game in this one to make up for the Florida loss. And I don't think he'll disappoint the 107,000+ looking on.

Prediction: Tenn 35 - Miss 17

Miss St.
Wanna bet this ones a dogfight??? Looks like this is the breakthrough year for Jim Donnan and the Georgia Bulldogs. Even though State's got some big beef up front, LSU showed 'em how team speed can kill you. And UGA's got it.

Prediction: Georgia 34 - MSU 14

Kansas St.
Last week, after K St. ran up the score on lowly Bowling Green, the Greenies coach is reported to have said, "Let's see how good they really are next week, go Big Red". Gather there wasn't a whole lot of love lost in that one. Yet this week we do get to see how good the Wildcats really are. Unfortunately for them, not as good as the Huskers.

Prediction: Nebraska 28 - K St. 21

Texas A&M
Must have game for the Buffs. After getting waxed by Michigan in the big house, and barely surviving the Cowboys at home, Colorado is getting there first test in conference. If they can get by the Aggies, they should have smooth sailing all the way to late November and a date with the Huskers. But. This is a good Aggie team. Probably the best team that Slocum's had in about 5 years. With Texas looking shaky early, this Aggie squad is probably the favorite to win the Big-12 South.

Prediction: Tex A&M 17 - Colorado 10

Penn State
Runner-up, Runner-up UGOW. Penn State still doesn't know how good they really are and after this week they won't know yet either!!! This is going to be a bad game. The only question here is, how many fans are going to sit through this one???

Prediction: Penn St. 56 - Illinois 3

Cam Cameron's Hoosiers don't have a lot to show this year as far as the record goes, but they at least have tried to put up the good fight. With a respectable showing at UNC (although, how much Indiana stopped the Heels and how much they stopped themselves is debatable) Indiana might have enough to make this one decent for at least a half. But the Big Blue will roll in the end.

Prediction: Mich 21 - Ind 10

Gerry Dinardo returns to the Music City this weekend in a warm-up for next weeks clash with Florida. And the Tigers better not be looking ahead. Vandy's defense has shown that they can play with just about anybody. Unfortunately, their offense has shown that they can't. With the stable of running backs coming up from BR this week, Woody's defense is going to have to play way over their heads for a shot at this one.

Prediction: LSU 31 - Vandy 0

Notre Dame
Ouch. Another top 25 team. Well, that's the kind of scheduling I like. Unfortunately, the Domer's don't have the kind of team to play with most of them this year. However, I look for Davie's group to at least keep it close.

Prediction: Stanford 21 - ND 18

Okay, did anybody out there ever think that KU would be given a chance against Alabama?? (John, I meant in FOOTBALL, okay?) Well, guess what boys and girls, this could be the upset special of the week. Last week, Bama got by a game Southern Miss team by a couple of TDs and the game was a lot closer than the score indicated. SoMiss sort of imploded in the 4th quarter with mistake after mistake. If the Wildcats can keep those kinds of mistakes at a minimum, and Couch can find Kio Sanford and Yeast... .

Prediction: Kentucky 31- Alabama 28

Another one of those must wins for both schools. If N'western has any chance of hangin' with the big boys this year, they have to take care of the big dog and the rest of the Badgers. Of course, Barry Alvarez is coming to Evanston with only one thing on his mind ... taking care of business and going home with a win.

Prediction: Wisconsin 7 - Northwestern 6

Th-th-th-th-th-that's all folks!!!!!!