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Having been a triathlon race director and task leader I know how important it is to get your event information available to the public. If you have read The Popcorn Report, by Faith Popcorn, you are familiar with the phenomenon called "Cocooning" in which people are staying at home more and more. They shop on the TV and internet, communicate by email, and are becoming very difficult to reach through traditional advertising. Most events such as yours can't afford TV, Radio, Billboard or other expensive forms of advertising and it becomes nearly impossible to reach your audience. It is easy to get the same old people over and over again, but your event needs new participants as well.With HSF Webzine we can reach all these people and make your job a bizillion times easier through:

The following package is FREE! if the HSF Webzine logo and URL address are on a combination of the event flyer, shirt, results and the HSF Webzine flyer is in the event package:

Charged and future services (can be free for non-profit groups if tax deduction allowed):

Contact: 205-536-0690 voice/fax, sharp1@traveller.com