November 1, 1997

Keep Us Informed About Water Levels for Boating/Fishing

Dear Representative Cramer,

I am writing concerning a recent decision by the Tennessee Valley Authority which I feel will negatively affect recreational canoeists and kayakers in this area and across the southeast United States. The TVA has recently announced that they will abandon their telemetric river gauging system for the Tellico River (located at Tellico Plains, Tn.) and the Little River (located at Townsend, Tn.). These telemetric gauges are widely utilized by recreational canoeists and kayakers (i.e. paddlers) to determine if these rivers have water in sufficient quantities to be paddled. The gauges also let paddlers know if the river levels are too high and thus unsafe for boating. The gauges are also utilized by many trout fishermen who visit the area to determine, in advance, if water levels are suitable for fishing on a given day.

Both of these rivers are visited and enjoyed by many out-of-state boaters; the Tellico happens to be my favorite whitewater canoeing river in the entire southeast. Without any accurate telemetric gauge in place, out-of-town recreational paddlers will not know the levels of either river. A lack of knowledge about specific river levels will lead to a drastic decrease in visits by canoeists, kayakers and fishermen.

The Huntsville Canoe Club, a recreational paddling group with 175 members, requests that you investigate this situation and urge the Tennessee Valley Authority to reestablish the telemetric gauges on both the Tellico River and the Little River. With your help, the Huntsville Canoe Club and other visiting paddlers will be able to continue enjoying trips on these scenic whitewater rivers. The responsible person at TVA to contact is:

Charlie Ellenburg (phone no. 423-988-2432)
TVA Land Management
804 Highway 321 North
Suite 300
Lenoir City, Tennessee 37771

Please feel free to contact the undersigned at (205) 881-7930 if you wish to discuss this matter personally. Thank you for your consideration.

Murray A. Carroll
Conservation and Access Chairman
Huntsville Canoe Club

October 11, 1997

Eight State Age Records set at The Mill 15K

Huntsville, AL - Despite most of the runners stating how warm it was, 8 Alabama State age records were set today for the 15K (9.375 miles) distance at The Mill 15K in Monte Sano State Park. The overall winner, Jeff Lingwall (Soddy Daisy, TN), finished in 52:45 and was 18 seconds off the state age record. The following people set state age records:

Kathy Faulkner, 23, Decatur, 1:04:07
Joe Francica, 41, Huntsville, 54:33
Barbara Meyer, 61, Huntsville, 1:24:08
Betty Dooley, 69, Madison, 1:47:44
Malcolm Gillis, 64, Toney, 1:02:35
Gresh Downs, 67, Huntsville, 1:13:49
Gary Grace, 48, Huntsville, 1:01:04
Amy Martin, 24, Guntersville, 1:07:24

Congratulations to everyone who finished, especially to these people who set new records! For more race information look at the running page.

October 9, 1997

Local Karate Instructor Signed to
"Team Elite" National Karate Team

Joseph Alexander, owner and Chief Instructor, at Huntsville Martial Arts Academy has recently signed on with "Team Elite" National Karate Team for a second consecutive year. Joseph has been a middleweight member of the team since if was first formed in 1996. "In the last year, we have gone from a new team to a team that rivals John Paul Mitchell's National Karate Team. JPM has been a force for the last 10 years in sport karate and they are definitely feeling Team Elite's presence", said Alexander. Mr. Alexander has to his credit Two North American Middleweight Titles and his school boasts eight other North American Title holders from Intermediate Youth to Advanced Adults. According to Alexander, "This looks like another great year for the school, Theresa Javel is in a close race in the Advanced Girls' Division (this will make her third title) and Robert Barefield is well out in front in Advanced Heavyweight Men's Division. That, about a dozen State Championships including: Black Belt Men's Light Heavy, Black Belt Men's Heavy, and Black Belt Women's Executive divisions, and the family atmosphere at my school makes me very proud." Joseph is planning for another exciting year as a member of the hottest new National Karate Team in America. For more information, see the martial arts page.

September 27
The Flame Posts Second Win
The Flame, a girls AYSO soccer team from Madison, boosted their record to 2-1-1 after a win over the Hornets from Huntsville. The final score was 3-1 with Elise from The Flame scoring 2 goals and getting an assist from The Hornets as they accidently knocked the ball into their own goal for the third goal. The Flame seemed to dominate the ball with some excellent rallies by the Hornets. Unfortunately for the Hornets The Flame always managed to get control back quickly and push towards the goal. After their second win one of the parents was heard to exclaim about The Flame "They are FIRED up!" Look for AYSO soccer at nearly every single soccer field on weekends. It is one of the best organized sports in the city. If you would like more information please contact Scott Howell at 880-3985 or Also check out the soccer page - it needs to have scores reported and calendar events listed. If you have any information you would like posted, send it to HSF Webzine or call 536-0690.

September 13

Investigators both here and abroad are urging people to include moresoy in their diets. Basically soy is a complete protein I plant form.An anomaly in the plant kingdom in China as the "meat without bones".It is generally agreed that soy can replace animal protein sources ina typical diet without altering the protein values in the diet. Theclassic soy foods are soybeans, tofu, tempeh, miso, and soymilk. Formore information on how to prepare the above food products call1-800-EAT-TOFU.Excerpt from the American Fitness Professionals & Associates Health & Fitness Newsletter, June, 1997. For more information contact Email: WWW: Phone: (609)978-7583 FAX: (609)978-7582


1. Antioxidant. Soy has two important antioxidant components;genistein and phytic acid. Soy also blocks the formation of nitrosamines, dangerous carcinogens leading to liver cancer,better than acorbate (vitamin C) which is currently added to cured meats to protect the consumer.

2. Breast Cancer. Asain women who eat a great deal more soy thanWestern women also have a much lower incidence of breast cancer.Also, in lab studies soy compounds inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells.

3. Cholesterol Lowering. A number of studies have shown that adding soy to the diet lowers cholesterol significantly, specially in people with elevated levels.

4. Colon Cancer. Several studies indicate significantly lowerincidences of colon cancer in persons who consume soy regularly.

5. Hip Fractures. Based on the 50 percent lower number of hipfractures in Japanese women, the reduced amount of calcium found in urine of soy eaters, and the weak estrogen effect of soy, it is hypothesized that some property of soy may help to retain bone mass.

6. Hot Flashes. Japanese women don't have a word for hot flashes. It is proposed that weak estrogen effects soothe the symptoms of the withdrawal that characterizes menopause.

7. Immunity. Studies show that peptides (amino acid chains) enhance immune response. 8. Kidney Disease. Soy protein is thought to be easier on the kidneys than animal protein. Thus, substituting soy protein may slow down or prevent kidney damage in people with impaired kidney function.

9. Lung Cancer. At least one study (1500 subjects) shows an inverse relationship between lung cancer incidence and soy consumption.

10. Prostate Cancer. Epidemiological studies and in vitro studies with genistein, an iso-flavone found in soy, indicate that soy inhibits the growth of prostate tumor cells. According to Earl Mindell's Soy Miracle References: Nutrition News Excerpt from the American Fitness Professionals & Associates Health & Fitness Newsletter, June, 1997. For more information contact Email: WWW: Phone: (609)978-7583 FAX: (609)978-7582


Did you Know

.changes in diet can lower blood pressure in as little astwo weeks? In people with mild hypertension, switching to a diet low in fat and rich in vegetables, fruit and fiber reduce blood pressureby as much as an antihypertesive drug. Caution: Speak to your doctor before changing any medication. The New England Journal of Medicine, by Dr. Lawrence Appel, MD

.garlic should not be refrigerated? The cold makes it soften and spout-and gives it a bitter taste. Garlic bulbs should be stored in a cool dry place with adequate air circulation. The Healthy Cook

.low fat diets fight migraines? Migraine suffers who cut their dietary fat intake by one-third reported fewer, shorter and less severe migraines within two months. Reason: Bloodstream fat alters the amount of serotonin and histamine in the blood in ways that cause migraines.or make them more severe.

Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain, Zuzana Bic,MD Excerpt from the American Fitness Professionals & Associates Health & Fitness Newsletter, June, 1997. For more information contact Email: WWW: Phone: (609)978-7583 FAX: (609)978-7582


Can exercise win the race against breast cancer?
Researchers say exercise may reduce the risk of breast cancer in pre-menopausal women. A team of Norwegian researchers studied more than 25,000 healthily females from 1974 to 1983. By the year 1995 351 of the females had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Their findings: Women who exercised at least 4 times a week or who participated in competitive sports at several times a week, had a 37 percent less risk of developing breast cancer than sedentary women. Sidenotes: Exercise appeared to offer less protection for women who were post-menopausal or overweight. In addition, the sedentary women may have consumed more alcohol - which increases the risk of breast cancer. According to Regina Ziegler, cancer epidemiologist at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda Maryland, these results are exciting because exercise is a risk factor that can be modified. Most women think that genes determine their risk of breast cancer and they think there is nothing they can do about it! Maybe there is! New England Journal of Medicine, 336:1269, 1311, 1997 Excerpt from the American Fitness Professionals & Associates Health & Fitness Newsletter, June, 1997. For more information contact Email: WWW: Phone: (609)978-7583 FAX: (609)978-7582


Exercise Myth #14
If you do enough abdominal crunches, you will have flat abdominals. Probably Not! Sit -ups and crunches may strengthen your abdominal muscles, but they can not vaporize the subcutaneous fat. Once you get rid of the fat through proper exercise and nutrition, then you may be able to visibly see your washboard as!. According to Andrew Weil, M.D., a Harvard-trained holistic physician, a bodybuilders stomach musculature restricts intestinal motion during digestion and interferes with the diapham's free movement which must be unrestricted in order for you to breathe deeply. Strive for a toned but relaxed abdomen. Remember that your reflection in the mirror is not your most important barometer of success. Exercise's best benefits - longer life, improved health and mood- aren't always manifested in a smaller jean size.


Mexican Salad "Burritas" with Cilantro-Lime Dressing

Cilanto Lime Dressing
1 cup packed fresh cilantro leaves
2/3 cup fresh lime juice
4 medium cloves garlic
cup walnut oil Burritas
8 large red lettuce leaves, rinsed and torn into small pieces
1cup cooked, drained & rinsed kidney beans
1 small avocado, peeled, pitted and sliced
1 medium sliced tomato
4 (10 inch) flour tortillas
cup shredded jalpeno jack cheese


Process all ingredients in food processor blender, until smooth. Place equal amounts of each vegetable on one half of each tortilla. Top with cheese if desired. Drizzle with 1 tablespoon of cilantro dressing. Fold tortilla in half and serve.

Makes four servings. Per Burrita with 1 tbs. Dressing: 344 cal.; 13g prot.; 15g total fat (4g sat fat); 45g carb.; 15mg chol.; 454mg sod.; Excerpt from the American Fitness Professionals & Associates Health & Fitness Newsletter, June, 1997. For more information contact Email: WWW: Phone: (609)978-7583 FAX: (609)978-758218g fiber.


As Appeared in Alternative Medicine, Issue 16
Good Advice on Weight Loss I have a good friend who is on a weight loss diet that is a mild modification of the Atkins diet, which restricts consumption of carbohydrates and grains. One who wants to lose 14 pounds in 2 weeks does not eat pasta, bread, grains, or sugars of any kind. The greasier the foods the better, says one doctor in Arkansas. He says you can eat all the eggs, cheese and peanuts you want. I am worried that this diet could be harmful to the future of one's health, which is why I refuse to try such a diet. Could a nutritionist address this question? Weight loss can be a very confusing endeavor. The low carbohydrate, high protein, high fat diet your friend is experimenting with will probably help her to lose weight, but most likely the loss will be only temporary. This diet may cause other health problems down the road.

This particular fad diet is founded on the physiological activity of the hormone called insulin, which controls the conversion of food into energy and fat stores. While adequate insulin is required for proper food utilization, excessive insulin release can stimulate the metabolism of fat (adipose) tissue and actually cause you to gain weight. The standard American diet is often high in refined carbohydrates (sugar and white flour), fats, and chemical additives and these force the body's insulin regulation out of balance. The end result is weight gain and a slow metabolism. Instead of eliminating the poor food choice that damage the insulin mechanism, these fad diets limit carbohydrate intake, temporarily disables the which triggering of insulin release.

Unfortunately, the increase of protein and fat in this diet can be extremely detrimental to other body systems. Electrolyte imbalance, increased cholesterol and triglycerides, heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis are just a few of the possible health consequences. Your best bet is to avoid all diets completely. Consider beginning a lifetime of nutritious eating, enjoying natural, fresh, minimally processed, fiber-rich foods, less refined carbohydrates, and denatured, hydrogenated, saturated fats. Excerpt from the American Fitness Professionals & Associates Health & Fitness Newsletter, June, 1997. For more information contact Email: WWW: Phone: (609)978-7583 FAX: (609)978-7582


August 17
New Massage School

The Healing Arts Center has opened a massage therapy school to certify professional massage therapists. The school will begin its first classes in August. The classes are designed for people who already have full time jobs as the classes will be offered in the evening and weekends. For more information contact Rebecca Holbrook at the Healing Arts Center at 508 Ward Avenue in Huntsville, Alabama at 205-534-2954. They will be getting email soon. Watch for that announcement.

A Reason to be Vegetarian
A new study conducted in the British Journal of Medicine has provided unarguable evidence that a low protein diet, rich in fruits & vegetables has long term health benefits. Researchers at the Cancer Epidemiology Unit at Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford, England, tracked 10,771 men & women over a 17 year period to see what effect healthy eating habits provided. The results? As might be expected the death rate from heart and cerbrovascular disease, and all causes in general were significantly lower than the general population. The greatest reductions in mortality (death rate) and morbidity (disease rate) were found in the area of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity & gastrointestinal disease. The eating program resembled the Mediterrian Food Pyramid (can be found by a web search) British Medical Journal 313 (1996), 775-779 Dietary Habits & Mortality in 11,000 Vegetarians & Health Conscious People: Results of a 17 year Follow-up". Excerpt from the American Fitness Professionals & Associates Health & Fitness Newsletter, June, 1997. For more information contact Email: WWW: Phone: (609)978-7583 FAX: (609)978-7582

Take Vitamin C For Illness Insurance
Researchers at the University of Leeds in England found that supplementation with vitamin C reduce the risk of developing illness. In a group of 62 patients vitamin C levels were found to be 25% lower in those individuals that were sick (diabetes & gastritis). Researchers found the lowered vitamin C level weakens the body's ability to fight free radicals, which is one of vitamin C's strength. The recommendations for vitamin C supplementation daily are between 1-2 grams in divided doses throughout the day. "Total Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid and Dehydroascorbic Acid Concentration in Plasma of Critically ill Patients, American J. Clinical Nutrition 63 (1996) 760-765. Excerpt from the American Fitness Professionals & Associates Health & Fitness Newsletter, June, 1997. For more information contact Email: WWW: Phone: (609)978-7583 FAX: (609)978-7582

Excess Calcium Can Shorten Life Span
In a landmark study conducted at Malmo University, Sweden 33,346 individuals over 11 years were studied for high calcium levels and the association to mortality & morbidity. A direct correlation's between high calcium intake and levels in the body to heart disease, malignant disorders, and osteoporosis were found. To much calcium was found to damage health, shorten lifespan with the risk of premature death. Serum Calcium & Survival In A Large Health Screening Program, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 81:6 (1996), 2149-2153. Excerpt from the American Fitness Professionals & Associates Health & Fitness Newsletter, June, 1997. For more information contact Email: WWW: Phone: (609)978-7583 FAX: (609)978-7582

Get Active - Even Light Exercise Reduces the Risks of Cancer
Two recent studies have reinforced the belief that exercise is good for us. What might surprise you is that you can reap the health benefits from "light" exercise. Light being defined as walking at a comfortable pace. In one study 100,000 women who participated in a walking program lowered their incidence of developing colon cancer over a 5 year period. At the University of Minnesota, a study of 40,000 women who walked or biked reduced their risks from all causes by 33% Energy Times, June 1997. Excerpt from the American Fitness Professionals & Associates Health & Fitness Newsletter, June, 1997. For more information contact Email: WWW: Phone: (609)978-7583 FAX: (609)978-7582

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