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ACE-Certified Personal Trainer
Greg Sharp: 205-536-0690

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Master's Swimming: Brooke Pate, 205-539-6094

Team: Rocket City Aquatics, Barbara Belyea, 205-883-5416

Team: Space City Swim, Fran Norris, 205-536-4597

Team: Huntsville Swim Association, Brooke Pate, 205-539-6094 or Karen Salazar, 205-881-5473 or leave a message at 205-883-2290

Public Pool: Natatorium, 205-883-3700. Water temperature is low 80's for lap swim

Public Pool: Jim Williams Aquatic Center, 205-535-6425. Water temperature in the upper 80's

Public Pool: Blu Spring Pool, 205-205-4003

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