Kelly Bishop

Kelly got her start early in sports.  As a seventh grader at Valdosta Junior High School in Valdosta, Georgia, she began to sell cokes at the Valdosta High football games in order to "see every game".  She was watching, in particular, a senior quarterback named John Lastinger.  Lastinger went on to be the second Georgia Bulldogs quarterback out of Valdosta in the Herschel Walker era (the first was Buck Belue whom she did see play once).  She didnít sell a lot of cokes at those games, but she did fall in love--with football.  She joined the band to ensure that she got free tickets to go to all of the games.  Her friends in the band asked her to give them play by plays in the stands.

At the University of Alabama in Huntsville, Kelly (Baldwin) Bishop majored in Communications and spent two and a half years on the sports staff at The Exponent student paper.  She was picked up to do some Friday night football game coverage by The Huntsville News in 1986 and went on to work part time as a columnist and stringer at The Huntsville Times in 1990, including an internship for the sports department there.   She got the chance to cover ice hockey, football, marathons and running events, basketball games, bowling tournaments, and some more off-the-beaten path sports.

In 1993, Gus Hergert gave her a chance to do part time on-air sports features for his Women in Sports segments for Channel 31 WAAY-TV in Huntsville.

Currently she is the Alabama beat columnist for the Ardmore Shopper and is working part-time at WTKI co-hosting the Saturday morning Sports Roundtable with Butch Menefee.  She will also be hosting the Rousseauís Sporting Goods show from 8:30 to 9:00 a.m. every Saturday. She works full-time as a systems programmer, but she asks that if people call her after hours, please call her about sports, not with computer or network questions.

She loves sports talk radio and is excited by the listener interaction.  Since she views herself as generally positive on most accounts, she promises to try to maintain that "sunny" outlook even in the face of adversity.  Her favorite saying on sports is "on any given Saturday, anything can happen, and usually does."  And she is sticking to that...

She has a 10-year old son, Garrett Baldwin, who has played some indoor soccer and flag football.  She is grooming him to be a point guard!

The highlights of her sports interviewing career was interviewing Deborah Langham, mother of former Tide cornerback Antonio Langham ("what an absolutely fabulous person she is.  The most genuinely nice person I ever interviewed")  She has also talked with college football legends such as David Palmer, Amp Lee, Terrell Buckley, John Stallworth, Jay Barker, and Langham.  Local favorites have included UAH hockey coach Doug Ross, Huntsville track coach Jim Oaks, and Vann Pettaway, menís basketball coach at Alabama A&M.  The personality she most wants to meet is her sports announcing idol Chris Fowler, though she also lists Tampa Bay linebacker Derrick Brooks, Denver Broncosí cornerback Steve Atwater, golfer Greg Norman, and boxer Oscar de la Hoya high on her wish list.

Her favorite sports are college football, college basketball, baseball, boxing, and golf.  A special place in her heart also goes out to marathon running, college hockey, hang gliding, and shooting sports.  She also is a big history buff and a cat lover.

She loves to eat Cajun and Mexican food, country veggies, and warm buttermilk biscuits.  She is currently trying to campaign to outlaw broccoli as a consummable item.  Her boyfriend is trying to persuade her to give up the campaign.  He has not been successful yet....
 Part of the Rousseau's Sports Online Team.

Kelly and Paul Hogan, University of Alabama Center.

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