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 Meet Ray Greene


City of Huntsville 
Youth Service Director  1989 to the present time. 
 Drug and Gang Prevention and Intervention 

 Huntsville Invader Football Club 
 Head Football Coach 1993 

 Alabama A & M University 
 Head Football coach 1986-1989 

 Jacksonville State University 
 Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator  1985-86 

 Alabama State University 
 Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator  1984-85 

 Alabama A & M University 
 Head Football Coach  1979-84 

 North Carolina Central University 
 Head Football Coach 1978-79 

 Michigan State University 
 Offensive Coordinator/Receiver Coach 1976-78 

 Jacksonville Sharks 
 Offensive Coordinator/QB/Receiver Coach 1974-76 

 Iowa State University 
 Receiver Coach 1969-74 
 The University of Miami 
 Part time Assistant Football Coach 1968-69 

 Winnepeg Blue Bombers 
 Guest Coach 1982-86 


 The University of Akron 
 Bachelor of Arts/ English and Telecommunications 1963 

 The University of Miami 
 Master of Arts/ Administration and Supervision 


 John Majors Former Head Football Coach, Iowa State, Pittsburgh, Tennessee 

 W. C. Gorden  Head Football Coach and Athletic Director, Jason State University 

 Jimmy Johnson Head Football Coach, The Miami Dolphins 

 Jackie Sherrill Head Football Coach, Mississippi State University 

 Pat Dye  Former Head Football Coach, Auburn University 

 Joe Avozzano Special Teams Coach, The Dallas Cowboys 

 Cal Murphy General Manager, The Winnepeg Blue Bombers 

 Gus Hergert Sports Director, WAAY-TV, Huntsville, Alabama 

 Jim Williams Athletic Director, Troy State University 

 Sherm Lewis  Offensive Coordinator, The Green Bay Packers 

 Dennis Green Head Football Coach, The Minnesota Vikings 

 Joe Bugel Head Football Coach, The Oakland Raiders 
Other things: 
Broadcaster/Webcaster WTKI AM 1450 
    Sports shows