The Huntsville Times Classic
Basketball Tournament
Below is a historical account of the Champions and Runner-Ups of the Biggest Tournament in the State of Alabama, The Huntsville Times Classic.
Date Champion Runner-Up
1983 Decatur Keith
1984 Johnson Huntsville
1985 Huntsville Johnson
1986 Brainerd Austin
1987 Grissom Brainerd
1988 Johnson Huntsville
1989 Butler Johnson
1990 Butler Lee
1991 Decatur Columbia
1992 Butler Athens
1993 Lee Johnson
1994 Butler Austin
1995 Oakland Huntsville
1996 Johnson Grissom
1997 Oakland Johnson MVP
Information for this web site provided by Wade Lipscomb, Huntsville City Schools.(All of his athletic newsletters are published on this site right here.
Bulletin: The premier basketball tournament in Alabama for Christmas, The Huntsville Times Classic, sponsored by The Huntsville Times and WTKI, will be broadcast worldwide this year, via real audio and the
Traveller Multi Media Network  threw WTKI. You can get the audio feed for all the games, which will air live, and real time over the internet right here, courtesy of r-sports. This year r-sports will also publish exclusively scores from all games, and actual pictures for some games with some stories on this internet site.
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This tournament is sponsored by The Huntsville Times, and WTKI am 1450 radio.
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