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Support the PEP Bill 
April 9, 2000
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Good news for the sports industry if this bill passes!!!!!!

Physical Education for Progress (PEP) Act

$400 Million in PE spending from congress!

The "Physical Education for Progress" (PEP) Act (Senate Bill (S.1159)) has been introduced by Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) and 11 co-sponsors. 

The Bill would provide $400 million in grants for physical education over a 5 year period. These grants would go to local education agencies for physical education programs. 

The grants could be used for anything from equipment to support curriculum to additional training for physical education professionals. 

Your direct involvement will help this bill become a reality.

Contact your Senator and tell them you want them to vote for or co-sponsor the PEP Act. Contact them by email, phone, fax or letter. Re-contact
them a week later confirming your communication and again asking for their support.

Once you’ve contacted your Congressional Representatives, let NASPE know of your action.

If you are concerned about the decline in the overall fitness levels of America’s youth, now is your chance to contribute to something really big.
Please get involved!

Entire Bill Transcript

Sample  letter to Congressman 
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