The Team Manager Software Program 
is Launched at The Southeastern Team Sports Show, Inc.
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     Quik-Tek Software formerly launched  "The Team Manager" baseball/softball coaches management software program at the Southeastern Team Sports Show, Inc. 

     Called " the worlds best statistic and management program for baseball and softball", and built exclusively for Windows 95 and Windows NT/(which is obviously the path of the future of the software industry.)  

     Dealers were very impressed with the computing power of the program. More impressive to the dealers was the better than keystone profit margins they can make off the software at POP. 

     Several dealers also said they ordered the show special just to be the first dealer in their area to be able to approach their local college, high school and recreation league coaches with something "exclusive, new,  good and profitable". 

     Sales reps were also astounded at the ease of use of the product. Some also felt it would be a good product to add to their line for sale to dealers because it would be the "new thing " to sale, and an above average profit maker for the industry. 
     Quik-Tek is expected to appoint a rep group to represent its products covering many southern and eastern states soon. 
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