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1997 Show is a resounding Success! 
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Show is resounding success!   

Reps plan to be even more aggressive next year.   

The Sporting Goods Industry Online Unveiled   

Quik- Tek Launches "The Team Manager" at Show  

Quik-Tek and MVS Software forming Alliance?  
Affordable web page program for reps and dealers announced.  

The Sporting Goods Industry online announces Free listing in directories for Reps,  
Dealers, Manufacturers', and shows!  

Sporting Goods Industry Online announces Free  listing in directorys for Reps, Dealers, Manufacturers', and shows!   
The Sporting Goods Industry Online announced at The Southeastern Team Sports Show, Inc. that there would be a free of charge listing in its directories for professionals and related groups in the Onlines' various directories. 

Name and phone numbers are included. 
Dealers will get listed under their state directory. 

Sales reps in the rep directory. 
Manufacturers in the Manufacturers directory and trade shows in the trade show directory. 
Any industry professional wishing to be listed should email us at . Or call 1-888-445-1656
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The Sporting Goods Industry Online. 

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