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 The Current and  Future Sporting Goods  Digital Estate
By Steve Rousseau 
Nov. 19, 1997 Revised April 9, 2000
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The world is changing at the speed of light.  It used to be bizarre in our industry for customers to pick up a phone or magazine and order sporting goods.  Now, that's becoming an old fashioned way of doing business.  Now, this same item is ordered with the click of a button on a computer keyboard.  No phone conversation, no flipping through catalog pages, just the few clicks of a button and your order is placed.  

Enter- The Digital Estate for the sporting goods and awards industries.

There are some different variables present now.  
It is not just mail order houses that the customer is clicking on and buying from. Some good news for dealers and reps  is that the mail order people, as a group, are actually a little behind in embracing the digital estate.  

There is a combination of mail order houses, new digital estate generation Email order houses, manufacturers selling direct, and a ground swell of newly rekindled Digital Estate Sporting Goods Dealers going online. They are getting better at digital sports commerce, getting stronger every day.  

All of these forces are headed toward a colossal collision when the digital estate reaches critical mass in the sporting goods industry.  

Where do you fit in all of this?   
How do you prepare?  
Who will be your new competition?  
Will traditional profit margins change?  
Will this "positive spiral" be pushed mostly by dealers, reps, manufacturers, or customers?   
What will be the manufacturers role of the future?  
What will be the reps role of the future?  

Come back in about a week, and we will begin discussing these questions and more. It is our sincerest hope that through electronic communications, we can help solve our current and future problems.  

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