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The Launching of The Sporting Goods Industry Online
By Steve Rousseau 
Nov. 19, 1997
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  Why did we build an expensive webzine, and all of these directories and web pages for the sporting goods industry?   

1.  We believe, the sporting goods industry is in the early stages of entering the digital world.  

2.  We think the time is now for some, and in the near future for others, to expand their horizions and attack the virtual community with all the vigor of a true sales campaign.  True, only a minority of manufacturers have web sites. True, even less of a percentage of dealers have web pages. True, still even less reps have web pages.  

It is also true that tens of thousands of companies and individuals are going online every day.  Thousands of web pages are created every day.  
We may be a little ahead of our time, but not nearly as much ahead as we were 6 months ago.  

3.  We think a significant part of this industry will catch up this year by going online.  We plan to be ready, and we hope to help lead the industry into the internet.  

4. We plan to become an online publication for the entire industry.  There are many associations that encompass the sports industry.  The SGMA, The Reps Group, Dealer buying groups, Awards groups, screen print and embroidery groups are all a part of that industry.  Most of these groups can not or will not advertise upcoming shows or other things for the other groups.  

5.  We think the time is right , in cyberspace, for one large webzine with directories and web pages covering all of the industry.  

6. We know the manufacturers side. Many of the big names in the industry could fund such a web site.   But, with fierce competition being what it is, it would not go over with the competition and their reps and dealers that did not sell their brand.  

7.  We have support rep groups, dealers, and manufacturers.  Quik-Tek Software & Internet Services, as best we can tell, has no natural competitors in this industry. So off the bat, we think we are as neutral as anyone can be in the industry.  

8. We foresee few internet companies being interested in working with a vertical industry like ours. At least none that understand this industry from the perspectives that we think are necessary .  

9.  We perceive no other internet group offering affordable industry wide programs for dealers, reps, and manufacturers.  Some associations have, in the past offered group programs for web pages but at hundreds of dollars cost each.  This has generally been only for a  select group.  

10. We think, from an advertising perspective,  the above 150,000 hits per month our sites already receive, qualifies us as a leading sports site. This will only grow.  
11. We reason that if The Sporting Goods Industry Online is a success, it will surely help propel sports software and other internet services.  

12.  We will of course, make money on writing web pages for dealers, reps, and manufacturers.  However, at the prices we will be charging, income from this will only be modest at best.  But, in the process, we think we will be a part of helping to propel an entire industry into a modern era.  

13.  We will receive self satisfaction. Believe me, hearing from a rep or dealer that something we have done has helped them, is tremendously satisfying to me.  I mean it is just great being a part of something that is done well, and is useful.  If you have ever been a Jaycee, you will understand this feeling.  
The Sporting Goods Industry Online will be unvieled at The Southeastern Team Show, Inc. in Atlanta, Ga. Nov 22 & 23, 1997.

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