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Coming soon, a for Dealers eyes only bulletin board that will address Mr. Edward's suggestions and concerns below . Dealers will be able to exchange information, inventory etc. with each other. All suggestions concerning this will be considered. You will have to email us and be validated as a bona fide participant to be able to participate. This area will not be open to the general public. Send email with your store name, address, fax, phone, the name of at least 3 reps you deal with, and their lines, to and under subject say "Dealer Bulletin Board".
Steve......this is really sensational. You obviously realize that you
> have the opportunity to bring all the dealers in the southeast together
> as one big group. DON'T HESITATE TO USE THIS ABILITY !!
> ....The bigger & better this gets, ONE THING CRYS OUT..DEALERS NEED A
> FORUM IN WHICH TO COMMUNICATE....You (and we as dealers) need a spot in
> "The Sporting Goods Industry Online" to offer goods for sale, at a
> discount, that we can't move .Also to put out requests for items that we
> are looking for. For Example: This summer I sold 70 pairs of Converse
> basketball shoes that I could not move for $15 a pair--My cost was
> $47...I made 30 phone calls to do this. I have things like this come up
> all the time and I know I'm not the only one.
> I have 5 or 6 overstocked items right now that I would like to move, but
> I don't have time to sit down and make 30 phone calls. This page should
> be easy to sell to advertisers. I WOULD BET IT WOULD HAVE MORE HITS THAN
> THE OTHER PAGES COMBINED. Anyway, see what kind of feedback you get at
> the Southeast Show.
> Hope I've been some help.....Good Luck at the show and if you have time
> when you get back, let me know about the "Dealers Forum".
> paul..............Memphis Athletic