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Dealers by State    Quik-Tek Dealers in this state
Alabama Yes 
Alaska  *
Arizona  *
Arkansas  *
California Yes
Colorado *
Connecticut *
Delaware  *
District of Columbia, DC  *
Florida    Yes
Georgia  Yes
Hawaii  *
Idaho  *
Illinois *
Indiana  *
Iowa  *
Kansas  *
Kentucky  *
Louisiana  *
Maine  *
Maryland  *
Massachusetts  *
Michigan  *
Minnesota  *
Mississippi  Yes
Missouri  *
Montana  *
Nebraska  *
Nevada  *
New Hampshire  *
New Jersey  *
New Mexico  *
New York *
North Carolina  *
North Dakota *
Ohio *
Oklahoma *
Oregon *
Pennsylvania *
Puerto Rico  *
Rhode Island *
South Carolina *
South Dakota  *
Tennessee Yes
Texas *
Utah *
Vermont *
Washington *
West Virginia *
Wisconsin Yes
Wyoming *

Industry Buying Groups:

Dealers of the Virtual Trade Show (forming)  
USA-United Sports Associates- Buying Group
ADA - Athletic Dealers Associating
TAG - Team Athletic Goods
Sports Inc.
NBS-Nations Best Sports  
AAA- Awards Association of America  
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