The Politics and Power 

of Web Casting

By Staff Reports 04/24/2000

Web Casting

The Internet's most powerful tool is now easily available to all who wish to harness its incredible power. Only a year ago, the cost was usually in the thousands of dollars.

Now, incredible price changes have made this tool available to ALL industry dealers/retailers, sales representatives, and small (as well as large) vendors.  Imagine, now you can have your own informational audio and/or video clip base on the web for thousands to view and hear. Now, as we have said many times, the Internet has "done it again" and leveled the playing field, whereby a small dealer, rep, or vendor can produce a short video/audio clip for as little as $100.  Anyone can become a broadcast entity, carrying your messages to the masses, for less than the cost of an average phone bill. 

This is still another part of the Internet revolution, continually changing and  making the little guy once again a "Landslide Victor" in his struggle against many powerful market challenges.

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