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Event Publishing & Article Submission Specifications
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Updated   Saturday, June 10, 2000
Hey, it is simple to get an article published on this webzine.
We need your name, address, company, phone number, (home and work), email address, and please tell us how you found this site. We will reformat, and edit parts of submissions as deemed necessary. Pictures will be considered. Send in JPEG or GIF only. Send no file bigger than 30KB.
Include a couple of lines about the Arthur also. Do expect feed back from readers.

Total word count: Less than 1000 is best

Content: Keep it useful, positive, uplifting and encouraging, instructional, informative, entertaining and non-offensive. Objective product reviews are acceptable. We will provide minimal editing support.

Please provide all of this information on a 3.5" disk or email it to All pictures, disks and any other supplied materials become the property of  The Sporting Goods Industry Online Webzine. The author, by supplying such materials, shares all copyrights with HSF Webzine.

Sports Shorts Submission Specifications

Typically less than 150 words about some announcement or achievement. Only one picture is allowed, though not required. Preferred submission is via email to Please include photo credits. No author or other credits are given. Designed to get current information posted as fast as possible

If you have a bona fide industry event you wish to have published on this webzine,
or in another location of the Sporting Goods Industry Online, like our Trade Show and Industry Links section, send us email at
Attention: Sporting Goods Industry Online Publishing.
Or, Fax 256-837-2435 or page us toll free at 1-888-445-1656 (you have 60 seconds to leave a message or you can also leave a digital message.
Make sure you leave a phone number and  address etc. that you can be reached at.