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Thursday, March 18, 2004   --        News, Information, Commentary
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Alabama to hold ARA branch meeting Dec. 9-10, 2000

Virtual Show Launch for Sports/Awards Industry

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Super Show 2000 Pictures and highlights/ e-Sports Reports exclusive pictures and info.

Web cast now within reach of all retailers. Industry first - Dealer Samples

"Small Businesses and The Politics Of Web Casting" 


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ARA in Secaucus, N.J.
ARA in Nashville, Tn.
The Super Show Edition, 
Atlanta, Ga.

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USA Buying Group hold summer
meeting in Sweetwater, Tn.

Markwort Sporting Goods adds 
The Team Manager to Spring Catalog
Herb Markwort autographing a copy of "The Team Manager" From Quik-Tek.

Super Show 98 Pictures and Stories Page 1
Pictures Page 2
Pictures Page 3
Pictures Page 4 
Archived Super Show 98 highlights.

The NSGA World Expo, Chicago, 1998 

Doomsday on the Horizon for Mail order Companies? 

The Launching of 
The Sporting Goods Industry

Are you ready to launch 
your business into the Digital Estate?

Sporting Goods Industry Online, Quik-Teks "The Team Manager to be unveiled at The Southeastern Team Show, Inc. in Atlanta , Ga. Nov. 22 & 23.

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In memory of
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The Final(?) Word 
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RDA and
Other Nutrients.

Frequently asked Questions 
for the Team Mom
A guide for the 
real manager behind the 
coaches of sports teams. 

Steve Rousseau
Publisher of the
Sporting Goods Industry Online.

NDA President Steve Rousseau to Keynote 2003 
Sporting Goods Agents Association at The Super Show, 
January 20, 2003. 
Major Sports Industry Initiatives  expected

Virtual Show gets new fitness product & Advisory committee member.

Sports Weekly Online web cast show  

Support the PEP Bill

Exclusive coverage of the ARA Shreveport Awards show.
And a new series of articles on e-commerce.
UAH, Development Partner with Quik-Tek On "The Team Manager", Wins $350,000 grant to join next-version of The Internet.
From The Huntsville Times

SGAA-The Sporting Goods Agents Association Online.

  Frazier Sports Signs on  to represent Quik-Tek Software's 
"The Team Manager" and
"My Playing Career Diary

Revnet's MailKing Software

Everybody Wins -
Sporting Goods Store, Reps, and Manufacturers
"Score on the Net."

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