Highlights from the 1999 Super Show,
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Div. Quik-Tek Software & Internet Services

Jugs now has a wide range of products for baseball, softball, soccer, football etc. 

Steve Candello, for The Jugs Company, one of the industries first pitching machine companies. 

Cooper sports.Represented by the Dean Lee group, Gregg Duncan , VP was having a good show. Pictured above is Greg Anger.

Markwort Sporting Goods, distributors of Quik-Tek Software products. 
The Team Manager & the Personal Stats Diary.

A busy and redesigned Markwort Sporting Goods booth.

Larry Poole of H.M. Wiggington & Associates, fielding customer inquiries from dealers at the Majestic booth.

The CNN center borders the Super Show site.

Active USA., a new and unique internet concept relating to sports content.

The Super Show, http://www.supershow.com 
The new acrylic POP (Point of Purchase) display case for Quik-Tek Software's CD-ROM's , which are packaged in the popular Jewel cases.Quik-Teks products are the only 32 bit sports software products to ever be sold in the sporting goods industries primary channels of distribution. 

Paul Aleskovsky, of the SGMA (Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association). There is growing industry interest in the high powered media and web services Quik-Tek Software is offering to Manufacturers, Sales Reps, and dealers. Features include converting entire catalogs to online and /or on disk versions of entire catalogs done in PDF (Portable Document format, from Adobe). Examples can be found at TheCatalogs.com.

Jeff Nichols of the Athletic Connection.

The Team Manager

The Personal Stats Diary
Both CD packages include a free limited copy of MailKing, a mass email program from Revnet, Inc., and a free copy of Acrobat Reader, from Adobe. Both also have a demo copy of each others program. 

Bill Mitchell, of Frazier Sports, shows off the new All-Star Catchers mask, wood bats, the exclusive Frazier Sports special edition of The Team Manager coaches managment software, and the Personal Stats Diary, a stats program for a single player, that comes with a built in pop up "Diary" word processor, whereby the single player can keep track of his stats, schedules, teammates, all over his entire playing career. 
The Frazier Group cover 22 states and ships wholesale to dealers worldwide from warehouses in Waco, Tx., and Duluth, Ga. Other lines includes Cramer, Twin City, Bison, Majestic, Reebok Team Uniforms, and more.
Other active Frazier reps included, Bobby McDowell, Wayne Saegert, Chuck Saul, and Jimmy Duncan. The rest of the Frazier agents are found here at their main sales rep page.

Anaconda Sports was having a good show.

Video Action Sports

Atec Athletic's Ed Scott was having a good show. Their booth featured an actual batting cage built into the booth to demonstrate products.

The SGAA booth was a communications center in its own right with multiple phone lines, plus 2 fax lines.
New online concept-
The Sporting Auction, was at the Atlanta show featuring their state of the art auction system. Many dealers and manufacturers were impressed.
SGI was popular booth.
   SGI, Sporting Goods Intelligence is the premiere source for  news, analysis and information about the global  sporting goods market.
For other information on the Super Show, go here or the the SGMA's (Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association) Sportlink Site.