1998 Super Show pictures, for Thursday, Feb. 5, 1998
Chuck Saul and Lois Hamlin of the SGAA (Web page coming next week., Courtesy of Quik-Tek Software & Internet Services.
Greg Helman of MVS, explaining software to dealer.
Lois and Chuck again, the SGAA's presence was well represented everywhere.
Brenda Barnard of Markwort Sporting Goods.
Markworts'' Larry Held, in front of one of numerous company displays.
Brian Green demonstrating the exclusive Markwort corkball bat.
Dealers found an awesome amount of stuff to look at.
An extremely busy Herb Markwort, as was the rest of the Markwort staff on the shows first day.
 Steve Rousseau (Quik-Tek Software & Internet Services) & Eric McCrite (McCrite & Associates) Shaking hands.McCrite signed on as The Team Manager's first rep group, and Quik-Tek's first rep group to be completely put up onto the Internet.
Norm Lamming of Sports West Sales, Modeling in front of a model in the busy M.J. Soffee booth.
A view from up top of
Wilson Sporting Goods Booth.
View from atop Wilson's at the Team Sports part of the Super Show.
  Web page for the Super Show 98 on this site courtesy of Quik-Tek Software and Internet Services.