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Research Park Toastmasters Club #4838
Last update 10-13-99         E-mail
Toastmasters Phone No. E-Mail Address 20-Oct 27-Oct
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Word of the Day
Cochran, Lisa CTM 461-9121  SP CT
Daily, George, CTM 852-0295 *  SP
DeLisser, Jeannie CTM  851-8078 Tl *
DeLong, Tom DTM 955-3703 SP TI
Dunn, Steve 895-1144  EV SP
Feldman, Steve CTM 895-1102 * EV
Fuqua, Pam CTM 895-1284 JM *
Hardy, Jim CTM 883-1278 * JM
Johnson, Eric, CTM 895-4302 GE *
Lake, David 533-9770 EV GE
Lee, Melonie        726-7274                        *              EV
Mayfield, Cathy 707-0310 SP
Perry, Kathleen 881-3962 *
Pfitzer, Bonny CTM 864-7220 GM SP
Price, Sandra 922-1512 X1100 * GM
Rousseau, Steve 837.2762  *
Starling, Jarel CTM 895-1572 EV *
Swain, Denise CTM 533-4848 TM EV
Tadesse, Lydia CTM 895-1169 * TM
Taylor, Carmen CTM 955-2268 TT *
Watson, Linda CTM 955-2303 CT TT
Assignment Legend:
President: David Lake TM Toastmaster
VP Education: Eric Johnson SP Speaker
VP Membership:  George Daly  * EV Evaluator
VP Public Relations: Jeannie DeLisser  * GE General Evaluator
Treasurer: Denise Brown Swain  * TT Table Topics
Secretary: Sandra Price  * TI Timer
Sergeant at Arms Steve Dunn  * CT Counter
      GM Grammarian
      JM Joke Master
      * Unavailable

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